Why Plan Your Own Final Arrangements?

A Funeral Plan is one of the most thoughtful and loving things you can leave your family.

Remember, those responsible for your funeral arrangements are generally the people closest to you and of course, the ones who will be the most emotional. There are so many difficult decisions to be made and all at a time when they are emotionally stressed and you are no longer there to help them. Further, many people are burdened by trying to determine what you would really want.

We all plan ahead for the significant moments in life such as education funding, retirement, illness or estate settlement. Funeral Planning is an important part of life’s plans and is a normal part of estate and end of life planning.

Funeral Planning can be a simple process where we provide you with the various options available, answer all of your questions and help record the necessary information that will make the final arrangements easier for your family.

A few of the many benefits to preplanning include:

  • Saving your family from the incredible emotional weight of making your funeral arrangements
  • Protecting your loved ones from the financial burden of paying for your funeral at a time when your estate funds may not be immediately available
  • Having your funeral carried out in the way YOU wish

We offer a wide range of funding options to help guarantee your funeral cost. You may pay in one single payment or we have payment plans ranging from 2 to 15 years. All of our plans help freeze the funeral cost and preserve savings for other purposes.

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